(SPV, 085-74732-P CD, GERMANY, 2002)

Promo CD in slimcase. Inc. biography.

  1. Do Anything You Wanna Do
  2. Right Here, Right Now
  3. Stranded
  4. I Won't Lie Down And Die
  5. Shattered Smile
  6. What Love Is
  7. Rumour Sets The Woods Alight
  8. Germfree Adolescents
  9. Life's A Bitch & Then You Live
  10. Telephone Bill Is All Mine
  11. Jimmy Brown
  12. Identity
  13. Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye

"Do Anything You Wanna Do" by Graeme Douglas/Ed Hollis
"Right Here, Right Now" by Michael Monroe/Jude Wilder
"Stranded" by Michael Monroe/Pink Gibson
"I Won't Lie Down And Die" by Charlie Harper/Nicky Garratt
"Shattered Smile" by Michael Monroe/Pink Gibson
"What Love Is" by Stiv Bators/Cheetah Chrome
"Rumour Sets The Woods Alight" by Will Birch/John Wicks
"Germfree Adolescents" & "Identity" by Poly Styrene
"Life's A Bitch & Then You Live" by Michael Monroe/Jude Wilder/Pink Gibson
"Telephone Bill Is All Mine" by Dave Lindholm
"Jimmy Brown" by Casino Steel
"Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye" by Leonard Cohen

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