(Mercury, PHCR-5001, JAPAN, 1992)

  1. Tragedy
  2. Motorvatin'
  3. Taxi-Driver
  4. Back To Mystery City
  5. Malibu Beach Nightmare
  6. Up Around The Bend
  7. Million Miles Away
  8. Underwater World
  9. Don't You Ever Leave Me
  10. Two Steps From The Move
  11. I Feel Alright (Live)
  12. Life's Been Hard
  13. Heart Attack
  14. Menaced By Nightingales
  15. Fast Car
  16. Shame Shame Shame
  17. Rock & Roll
  18. Lean On Me

All tracks by Andy McCoy
Motorvatin' by Michael Monroe-Andy McCoy
Up Around The Bend by J. Fogerty
Million Miles Away by Andy McCoy/Ezrin/Monroe
Underwater World by Andy McCoy/Hunter
I Feel Alright by The Stooges
Menaced By Nightingales by Michael Monroe-Andy McCoy-Bob Ezrin
Fast Car by Rene Berg
Rock & Roll by Monroe-Suicide-Berg

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