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(Yahoo, YAHOOLP 105, FINLAND, Re-Issue with single sleeve)

Produced By Craig Goetsch & Michael Monroe

2nd pressing in single sleeve

  1. She's No Angel
  2. Million Miles Away
  3. Shake Some Action
  4. It's A Lie
  5. Highschool
  6. Nights Are So Long
  7. Can't Go Home Again
  8. Too Rich To Be Good
  9. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
  10. Keep It Up

Track 1 By Gary Holton
Track 2 By Frank Secich
Track 3 By Jordan/Wilson
Tracks 4 & 6 By Jimmy Zero
Track 5 By Davis/Kramer/Smith/Thompson/Tyner [MC5]
Track 7 by Michael Monroe/Lee
Tracks 8 & 10 by Michael Monroe
Track 9 by Johnny Thunders

Last modified on 24.10.2002