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(Amulet, WISH 22, FINLAND, 1987)

Andy McCoy: "Shot Full Of Love"

  1. Boycott: Roadrunner
  2. Sakari Kuosmanen: Berlin
  3. Melrose: Horse Doughnut
  4. Big Saarinen: We're In American Band
  5. Bad Sign: Save That Dress
  6. Michael Monroe: It's A Lie

  7. Zero Nine: Shadow On The Wall
  8. Honey B & T-Bones: It's All Over Now
  9. Havava Blacks: Sheila
  10. Andy McCoy: Shot Full Of Love
  11. Korkleg: Whiskey In The Jar
  12. Mike Hutend: Impulse Of Love

"Shot Full Of Love" written by Bob MacDill/Juice Newton/Andy McCoy(?)

Last modified on 22.12.2002